Envious of the Clouds

Born of the Great Recession, this poetical body of work is from Amy Michelle Mosier. She began to read and study Emily Dickinson at that time, who became like a mentor to her, although separated by many years and coming from very different backgrounds. She wanted to learn what made her a breath of fresh air among poets. She also read classic works, such as The Arabian Nights, and the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen because she thought it'd be good for her and there was plenty of time.

Amy was soon inspired to write her own poetry, first writing thirty poems in earnest. To her surprise, she discovered more poetry within her and kept writing. Each poem became an experiment. Like her mentor, she captures small moments and uses slant rhyme. A love of botany also quickly becomes apparent. But unlike her mentor, her poetry exposes a humble background and growing up in the Southwest. Her best poem might be Old age doesn't exist for all, which begins the first section. There is mostly rhyming verse but also some patterned styles.

This website showcases her efforts and every now and then, she writes and files a new one.