Old age doesn’t exist for all
     Because many claim its presence;
I submit that living goes on
     Through many-hued firmaments.

A shade of love lives here
     And over there, a victory, I deem –
Patience caught them in her lair
     And surprise – she frolics in between

For one might, on some fateful day –
     Pluck a strange flower
And on another, move a rock away
     And something wonderful – uncover.


City lights, city lights –
Look at all the city lights!
Some are red, some are blue –
Some light up a roof –
Such are our summer nights.

A therapeutic wind blows
As I dare to look below
At the freeway steadily
Moving as an artery
By the bright headlight glow.

From such a great height
In the lateness of the night –
A thrill to young hearts
The scene before us imparts.
What wondrous city lights!


Sweat is the other garment
     You wear in the desert
When the only water is in the cactus
     And all but the flies are inert

But a cool layer of sweat
     Is a hiker’s proof of award
For taking a thin trail
     And in curiosity, moving forward.


As empty as the future
So is a soaked page
Whose ink has run off.
I hope to be the author;
A new and boundless decade
Awaits my pen's touch.


The treetop glimmers outside my window
     As light, dancing upon the leaves –
Shimmers off each leaf in soft yellow.
     From afar, my attention is retrieved
By light, pure and perfectly aglow.

In the wind, swaying gently –
     Each leaf is twirled as a ballerina –
Playing with my fragile jealousy.
     I think I hear in the wind a viola –
Oh light, would you dance with me?


It was hefted upon a breeze -
   As in a warm, flowing current
Through a sea of palo verdes -
   To search for an embankment.

That seed of promise -
   An implicit aster -
Was sent to broken gneiss
   To become one with nature -

A golden bloom to come
   To an expectant glen -
Not knowing how it found home
   Except that it did.


A dream is a butterfly
Fresh from the cocoon
That is realized and soon
Flutters up into the sky

Or faltering, goes astray
Is suddenly killed
While young still
And fast fades away.


Every day is a new adventure
     A new iota, a new gnosis –
Search not by the easy standard
     But see through the eyes of genesis.

The more I learn, the more I love
     What man before me has done.
It catapults my soul aloft –
     I yearn for that higher plane.

Push back those old perimeters.
     Notch in my brain a new wrinkle.
I forge pathways never traversed
     And find my world bigger still.


I believe in charity –
Simple but profound –
Joy made compound –
Spurred momentarily.

One act – hand to hand –
Across the bridge –
Is one’s privilege
For the strong withstand.

I believe in humanity
And if a smile be requited –
Humble and innocent –
It little cost me.


Blanched veils there and above
   Hold it in stony repose
Throughout time's continuum
   And blustering air flows.

Earth granted an ovation -
   Nodding its magnificence -
But bigger still is the one
   Who goes and conquers it.


Don’t tell it to the wind
To be blown away as vapor
Or share it with a gossiper
As fragile as a dandelion.

Don’t speak of it on the mountaintop;
Even the clouds have ears.
For fear that the Devil hears –
Don’t pray for it aloud to God.

Let the wish build up inside
Then straight-faced, release it subtly –
As your actions make it be –
Until its existence can’t be denied.


Olden knowledge should smolder
As smoke rising from an ember -
Universal but not common -
Peculiar but not forgotten.
Tell me of those days of yore -
Of circumstances transpired -
So I can repeat on my lips
That which slumbers in silence.


Let us drink in the sunshine
From a cup of globe mallow
As would one of palatine
Privilege beside God’s throne.
Here’s to another springtime.
Here’s to hope for tomorrow.


Grass is a taut crew;
They stand at attention
As soldiers do
With orders from the sun –

Never having thoughts
That their purpose is trite
Or any doubts.
Each is a cosmopolite

Of their colonnade.
How exemplary –
I whispered to one blade –
To live as thee.


Flowers in the desert
Vibrantly grow forth
In yellows and purples
Despite the salty Earth

And when I think about
How birds can fly at all
I am reminded that
Anything is possible.